- Press Space to to Charge 
- Release to Punch the ground!!!

- Getting same color gives you a multiplier bonus!
- You can hold the button to enter slow motion for more precision, but be carefull, you CAN'T HOLD FOREVER!
- To get the MEGABOOST you need to be with the same color of the Special Platform!

Normal Platform  - 1 x Multiplier Bonus
Boost Platform   - 2 x Multiplier Bonus

Extra Credits Game Jam
Theme: Awesome Per Second

The main focus here is to keep a really simple gameplay but everything that you do you need to feel AWESOME!


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This game is awesome. Controls are easy, simple, and overall fun.

Very fun. Great sound design too!


Amazing game! You should turn it to android/ios if possible


This is the best that I've played so far. Really good job. The music, visuals, and mechanics work well with each other.


I really like these one button games.. And yours is very well done... I will wait for the mobile version too..


this is begging for a mobile port



haha <3
The game was designed to be mobile! Just made it in HTML5 because it's easier for testing <3 :D


This game is really simple but it's super fun holy crap